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WP 1: Project Management

PI: Dr. Holm Graessner
University of Tuebingen

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WP 3: Designing friendly and useful interfaces for People with Parkinson's and doctors

PI: Stefan Sollinger

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WP 5: Sensor system development and data interpretation

PI: Martin Trächtler

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WP 7: Scenario-based multicentre study

PI: Prof. Joaquim Ferreira
Instituto de Medicina Molecular

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The future treatment of Parkinson’s relies on the accurate assessment of how it affects people with Parkinson’s as individuals. SENSE-PARK is a pioneering project which combines expertise from technology with the experiences of those who live with Parkinson’s and the scientific know-how of those who treat it.

Current measurement of Parkinson’s relies on clinical appointments which does not provide a continuous objective picture over 24 hours – a picture that becomes essential when considering disease patterns, trends and modification. To map these characteristics, it is essential that continuous objective measurement be implemented.

Measuring Parkinson’s by means of clinical scales provides only a subjective snapshot of the disease. SENSE-PARK provides an alternative way of measuring Parkinson's.

Scoring Parkinson’s – Test yourself

SENSE-PARK is funded from the European Community‘s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement No. INFSO-ICT-2011-288557
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