WP 2:

Host: University Hospital of North Norway


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Artur Serrano

Frank Larsen

Project 2

Define needs and requirements

WP2 brings People with Parkinson’s (PwPs) up to the decision table, where their knowledge can improve the quality and direction of the research being done and prepare the pavement for the way ahead. This WP relates to a story of a journey into Parkinson’s where the patients are the main drivers. Neurologists, sociologists, computer scientists, and other humanitarians are joining the trip. The goal is to create more knowledge about this still under investigated condition in the search for a cure. In WP2 we try to route the initial part of this journey.

What and how should be measured by the SENSE-PARK system? Several motivations contribute to the selection of data to be acquired - all these are important and must be met:

  • Which data can lead to the most relevant medical research results for medical treatment?
  • Which data can help the PwP to have a better life?
  • Which data gives a better understanding of what is living with Parkinson’s disease?

End-user focus groups are the back-bone of the methods used. The results are then shared in design meetings with PwPs, medical doctors, technologists and designers.