SENSE-PARK system:

Patient with SENSE-PARK device

The devices developed by the SENSE-PARK team will allow continuous assessment of motor symptoms within the context of an everyday living environment. Information is captured by wearable devices which have the ability to ‘sense’ fluctuations in motor symptoms. The SENSE-PARK system also incorporates a series of tests which focus attention on non-motor aspects of Parkinson’s such as mental agility, mood and sleeping patterns.


At the moment, symptoms domains that the SENSE-PARK systems will measure are:

  • Gait
  • Tremor
  • Balance
  • Bradykinesia
  • Sleep
  • Cognitive function

The measurement of every domain will be validated against the current gold standard. The validation results will be published by end of 2014.

Current project status

The SENSE-PARK team has designed a prototype sensor and device system, linked to an interface, that generates reports which are relevant for people with Parkinson’s and clinicians. The prototypes are currently being tested by users to validate the symptom domains prioritised by people with Parkinson’s before the whole system enters a clinical trial in Spring 2014.