WP 4:

Host: Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen

Department of Neurology and Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research

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Prof. Dr. Walter Maetzler

Tanja Heger

Markus Hobert

Project 4

Define clinically/scientifically relevant parameters to measure Parkinson's Disease, and monitor disease progression

The objective of WP 4 is to define clinically and scientifically relevant measurement parameters for the detection of motor and non-motor symptoms in People with Parkinson's. We have already developed a document that contains symptoms with relevant measurement parameters meeting needs and requirements of PwPs, and includes comments from clinicians and scientists. Parameters have been identified through surveys, prioritised according to their daily relevance by focus groups and this information verified and reinforced by the Delphi process. Moreover, a narrative review covering publicly available data about assessment of signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease has been considered for publication in the Movement Disorders Journal. Finally, a first draft of the study protocol for the scenario-based approach (see WP 7) has been developed.